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Generally we purchase, rehab and sell our investment properties to home buyers on the open market. However we do occasionally work with home buyers to identify, acquire and rehab a property for themselves while providing our RESTORE 818 design and project management services for fee. If you’re looking for an alternative to buying and renovating a home on your own, or being forced to buy new construction lacking in character and soul — Restore 818 may be your perfect solution.

Our Design Philosophy

To stand out as an innovative leader in any field you operate by a set of guiding principles. Our design philosophy is based on three principles:

  • RE-IMAGINE – whether a home was built in 1900 or 1950, the character intended by the original architect has often been stripped by haphazard remodels and additions. The RESTORE 818 team digs deep to unearth the hidden original details that can be used to create a new image for the house based original architectural roots. Where character and interest are missing, we design those to bring soul back to the home.
  • RE-ENERERGIZE – in order for a house to feel like a home it needs to flow. It needs to have a positive energy that draws you in the front door and entices you to move through the house. At RESTORE 818 we see a room as more than just four walls, and we see a home as more than a group of rooms. No matter what the space or age of the home, we create a floor plan that works for today’s lifestyle.
  • RE-BUILD – a great design means nothing without quality materials and solid construction. The RESTORE 818 team seeks out unique materials from unconventional sources and manages each rehab project from concept to creation. This ensures that each home is kept affordable and built for years of carefree enjoyment.

Put Restore 818’s experience to work for you . . .

If you live in South Florida and are interested in either purchasing a turn-key fully rehabbed RESTORE 818 property or hiring RESTORE 818 to acquire, design and rehab your new home please call our office at 786-217-6733. You can also complete the form below, but please provide some detail on your interest and goals in the comments section of the form. Please make sure your mailing address is correct.

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