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The Benefits Of Our Designer Renovated Homes

South Florida is a great place to live and is attracting tens of thousands of new residents each year. But a a major challenge is that most homes in the more desirable coastal areas were built in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. These homes are have solid structures but lack open floor plans, modern design and 21st Century functionality.

Most people would prefer to avoid the months and hundreds of hours of headaches and cash-sucking surprises that come with renovating a home themselves. We believe you’d rather enjoy the convenience, insurability and maintenance savings purchasing a move-in-ready fully modernized home.

Restore 818 Difference

Our move-in-ready homes provide hassle-free designer living and peace of mind to discriminating buyers.

With our Designer Renovated and Rebuilt homes we begin by carefully selecting and acquiring outdated, distressed and cramped homes. We purchase these properties based on a carefully crafted set of criteria applying decades of real estate investment experience in the process.

Next we analyze the best way to optimize space, build additional space and fully modernize the property which in many cases means rebuilding that existing home to current building codes and construction standards. While doing this we determine the best way to bring architectural character back to the forefront.

Finally we develop, implement and manage a strategic plan to construct a premium designer home in a relative market and price range.

Designer Renovated vs. Designer rebuilt

We classify our designer homes as either ‘Renovated’ or ‘Rebuilt’:

    • Our Designer Renovated Homes are professionally designed, modernized and brought up to current building codes with all essential improvements made to the floor plan, HVAC, electrical and plumbing.


    • Our Designer Rebuilt Homes are substantially rebuilt major reconfigurations with new additions, new pools all new HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems built to current building codes. Most often everything completely new in our Designer Rebuilt homes other than the original home’s slab, block walls and trusses. Our rebuilt homes receive a new Certificate of Occupancy from the city and are so substantially rebuilt that they will receive a new effective year built from the County Assessor.


In both cases all work is always fully permitted. You would think full permitting would be the standard in the market, unfortunately many homeowners and most ‘flippers’ try to avoid permitting work which means subpar work. The permit process includes approval of detailed engineering, architectural plans and inspections by building officials to ensure that work is done professionally and meets current building codes. It is an important factor in ensuring that the home you are purchasing is safe and professionally built.

The Path to Affordable Designer Living

Our design-build philosophy which is based on three basic principles:

    • RE-IMAGINE – whether a home was built in 1900, 1950 or 1990 the character intended by the original architect has often been stripped by haphazard remodels and additions. In some cases a home may have a solid structure but little or no design character.The Restore 818 team digs deep to unearth the hidden original details that can be used to create a new life for the house based original architectural roots. Where character and interest are missing, we design those to infuse soul into the home.


    • RE-ENERERGIZE – in order for a house to feel like a home it needs to flow. It needs to have a positive energy that draws you in the front door and entices you to move through the house. At Restore 818 we see a room as more than just four walls, and we see a home as more than a group of rooms. No matter what the space or age of the home, we create a floor plan that works for today’s lifestyles.


    • RE-BUILD – a great design means nothing without quality materials and solid construction. The Restore 818 team seeks out unique materials from unconventional sources and manages each rehab project from concept to creation. This ensures that each home is kept affordable and built for years of carefree enjoyment.


Designing, rebuilding and expanding structures means more money invested in construction. But this unique design-build approach is what allows us to create fully modernized Designer Homes that rival brand new homes in terms of flow, curb appeal and modernization.

You will find Restore 818 designer homes priced justifiably at or near the top of the market. But when you consider the alternatives of buying and renovating on your own, building new from the ground up or dealing with the poor design and hidden pitfalls of the typical lipstick-on-a-pig “upgraded” or “renovated” homes in the South Florida market — you’ll agree that our Designer Homes are a value investment.

Explore our available Move-In-Ready Designer Homes and see how easy it is to enjoy affordable luxury with Restore 818.