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Turn-Key Dream Home

Thinking Of Buying A Fixer-Upper To Make Your Dream Home?

Are you looking to buy a fixer-upper to transform into your custom-designed dream home? Studio 818’s ‘Turn-Key Dream Home’ program is the A-Z service package you need to avoid the painful and costly pitfalls of tackling a fixer-upper transformation.

In South Florida the availability of fixer-uppers is no challenge. We have plenty of outdated homes and properties with funky floor plans. The problem is that too many people end up buying the wrong fixer-upper as the foundation for their custom-designed dream home. And in buying the wrong foundation they unwittingly turn what was supposed to be a dream into a nightmare — literally.

Buying the wrong structure will always mean you either:

A) massively blow your budget 
B) seriously compromise your design ending up with a ‘half-way’ house you resent until the day you move out. 

Our near decade of designer development experience is what equips our team to provide this much needed consulting and design service that no other South Florida Interior Architecture or Interior Design studio is able to match. With the Turn-Key Dream Home program all that expertise is applied to your fixer-upper project before you plunk down hard-earned money on a property.

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The Turn-Key Dream Home program requires a minimum timeline of a 9-months and the ability to fund renovations outside a traditional mortgage, so the program isn’t the right fit for everyone.  But if one of our Designer Homes for sale doesn’t meet your needs and you are even considering tackling a fixer-upper to create your ideal home — do yourself a favor and take a moment to get the full details of the Turn-Key Dream Home program here.