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Operating Philosophy

The primary operating philosophy of Restore 818 rests in the name — RESTORE. We are Value Investors focused on acquiring undervalued properties with solid structures and hidden architectural value. These are properties, that when fully rehabbed create alpha returns for our investors via resale value or cash flow. These are also properties packed with affordable luxury for buyers and renters.

Our investment strategy is value-driven in both the short and long-term. We firmly believe that a strong equity position is key to securing investment positions, no matter what type of property or hold period. The only way to secure a significant equity position is to target properties in distress, disrepair or those failing to meet their highest-and-best-use.

We target properties in the path of city/county improvement projects and expanding areas of gentrification to achieve accelerated appreciation over hold periods typically for three to five year terms.

This unique value-based investment opportunity in South Florida lies not only in single-family and multi-family properties. South Florida has an abundance of mid-century commercial and multifamily buildings with significant architectural character un-paralleled in in new construction. Fortunately for us as investors many of these properties have been neglected over the years and are in desperate need of repair, renovation and modernization.

If you are interested in adding fully managed real estate investments to your portfolio visit our investor-only website for more information.