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Interior Design Services

Restore 818 Homes delivers a unique set of benefits for residential and boutique commercial interior design clients in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida. Beautifully designed functional spaces for living, working and leisure are of course what you are after; and our team delivers that with expertise.

Yet hidden beneath the surface is a unique benefit that only you as the client will appreciate. Financial benefits rooted in years of successfully designing and building Restore 818 real estate investment properties. Real world benefits like controlling costs, directly managing design outcomes and proficiency with an integrated Design-Build process.

Our residential and boutique commercial design projects are crafted by Restore 818 Principal and lead designer; Janie Goncalves Micek. Janie’s design style has been shaped by her unique career experience in Boston, Los Angeles and now one of the most rapidly growing areas of the U.S., South Florida. This diverse exposure to such varied design influences combined with real estate investment has given Janie her adept budget control skills, unique design style, and fresh approach to creating the ideal South Florida living and work spaces.

Boutique Commercial Design

Janie began her interior design career with a Boston design firm and her work on commercial projects from Chicago to Ireland. In Los Angeles she was responsible for overseeing projects with $100-million plus budgets. Janie brings this experience to mixed use design and construction projects, restaurants, shops and offices along with a passion and unique skill-set for the repurpose, redesign and modernization of dated structures with hidden architectural character. Commercial design services are available to clients looking to design boutique commercial properties in South Florida and beyond.

Residential Design

The ultimate approach to creating your own ideal personalized living environment is our Turn-Key Dream Home Program. Since that comprehensive program requires timelines and other factors that don’t work for everyone who wants a beautifully designed and rebuilt home, we offer a set of interior design services to residential and boutique commercial clients primarily in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Our residential design services are focused on crafting integrated plans for the complete home. Whereas some interior designers will design kitchens, baths or other areas as stand-alone projects; we believe that short-changes you as the client. Even if your budget only allows the build-out of one or two rooms at a time, the work should be based on a cohesive integrated plan that takes into account the entire residence if a stunning outcome is what you’re after. With this approach you are ensured a beautiful integrated design whether the plan is implemented all at once or over a year or two’s time.

Pool & Landscape Design

Restore 818 Homes approaches indoor and outdoor design as a single unified exercise. Our work focuses on integrating interior and exterior spaces. We create a flow between inside and outside. We treat pool, patio and public spaces as outdoor rooms. The landscape and pool designs are an extension of the architecture. At the same time the architecture brings the light, colors and enchantment of the outdoor spaces inside. We have substantial experience in swimming pool design, construction and renovation to ensure that your outside living areas will be as beautiful and functional as your interior spaces.

The Design-Bid-Build Process

Rather than hand our design over for others to build out, we manage and oversee our design projects to final completion on-site. We begin the process with a modified Design-Build approach similar to our own investment properties.

This begins with the design of the home, additions and other adjacent structures. Upon final approval of the interior and exterior design our architect and engineer then create the detailed set of plans required to get the project permitted and built.

Once the plans are finalized we begin the bid phase. Similar to our own investment projects, we oversee the entire renovation process from acquisition to handing over the keys at completion. The main difference is, instead of using our team of licensed contractors by default, your plans are put out to bid to ensure you get the best value for the work required. We will be your side to provide oversight, input and feedback in the bid phase.

When construction begins we handle the project management headaches for you and keep you up to date no matter where you are in the world with our online project management system. Invariably there are surprises in construction.

We mitigate many of those with projected variables in the budgeting phase, but sometimes hidden challenges spring from nowhere. Open the side of a home for an addition and discover that the structural columns supposed to be there are not. Cut the floor for plumbing work and find the main sewer lines are collapsed. Here again you benefit from our extensive investment and project management experience in creating designer homes while managing inevitable budget variances to deliver solid investment returns.

Interested in learning more about Restore 818 Homes interior design services? The first step is to give us a call at 786.217.6733 or email us to schedule an initial phone meeting. During that initial meeting we can answer your questions and see if your goals and timeline are a viable match with our service packages.