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Turn-Key Dream Home Program

If you’re looking for a move-in ready home but we don’t have any designer rebuilt homes for sale that meet your needs; our Turn-Key Dream Home program may be the answer. With it we will help you successfully avoid the pitfalls of house hunting, buying and renovating a property in South Florida.

With our Turn-Key Dream Home program we apply our proven expertise to help you find and buy the right fixer-upper that is the foundation for your dream home. We then design your dream home, plan and manage all construction and renovation work required with us handing over the keys to your custom designer rebuilt home upon completion.

At the foundation of the Turn-Key Dream Home process are the same demographic & market research, budget base pre-screening and resale valuation analysis that we use when acquiring our own development properties. Since this ensures a solid equity position one of the greatest benefits of this exclusive process is it makes your new Restore 818 designer home  a wise investment as well.

House Hunting in South Florida –The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

If you’ve spent any time looking for a home in South Florida you know that there are slim pickings when it comes to true turn-key modernized properties that are honestly move-in-ready. What you’ve probably discovered is the majority of homes on the market fall into one of three categories:

1)  Run-down with LOTS of deferred maintenance . . . in other words, un-livable in its’ current condition.

2) CBD — Clean But Dated. These homes are are so dated that you feel like you stepped into a time machine when you walk in the front door. You’ve seen it; tile counters, cabinets your granny had, and bathrooms with pink, blue or green tile. And forget about the critical home components like the roof, electrical system, HVAC, plumbing and sewer . . . these things are usually so dated they’re on the verge of failure.

3) Homes flagrantly misrepresented on the MLS as “upgraded” or “renovated”. These homes fall into two categories. Either they are:

a. Homes that were updated on the surface with new cabinets, flooring or wall tile in a hodge-podge manner decades ago. These homes still need $150,000 to $250,000 in true renovations to create a truly turn-key modernized home.


b. Homes redone by the typical house flipper. These are homes where corners were cut and the property still needs $70,000, $90,000 or even much more in some cases to fix design faux pas, MEP issues (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) or structural problems covered up by their “lipstick on a pig” approach to fixing up a property.

You’ll find these conditions are especially true in the high demand areas East of I-95 where many homes were built in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The thing is, most of these homes have “good bones” with concrete slabs and block exterior wall construction. Some even have nice architecture features hidden by years of neglect or haphazard improvements.

These market conditions are ideal for our real estate investment endeavors. But for you as a homebuyer, it presents some serious challenges in finding your dream home. The good news is; with Restore 818’s ‘Turn-Key Dream Home’ program, these market conditions can also be great for you in creating value in your dream home if you have a more flexible timeline for moving into your new home.

Here’s what the ‘Turn-Key Dream Home’ Process Looks Like:


To ensure this program is the right solution for you, in our initial meeting we review your timelines, goals, overall budget and target neighborhoods to understand what your dream home means to you. Once we confirm the ‘Turn-Key Dream Home’ program is the right solution for you, we guide you through creating a hierarchy of “musts”, “shoulds” and “wants” for your dream home.  Armed with this knowledge we are equipped to effectively begin the search for the right property.


Next we go on the hunt to find a home with “good bones,” one that provides the best starting point for building your dream home. You benefit from our extensive design and construction experience when buying since we are able to see the structural and expansion potential lying dormant in an ugly duckling. This skill set allows us to accurately identify properties that have potential to be transformed into your dream home. Just as important, this saves you tens-of-thousands of dollars and months of wasted time pursuing unqualified properties that a normal Realtor would show you as options.


You also benefit from our decades of investment experience in the valuation of properties; both in their current condition and their fully renovated state. We instantly understand how required changes to the property will impact your overall budget. And we advise how the total investment cost (home purchase, design and renovation) will impact the appraisal value after completion to approach your dream home build-out with an investment mindset. This allows you to buy at the right price, not blow your budget down the line because you bought the wrong property.


Once we have helped you acquire the right property for your Turn-Key Dream Home, we begin with a Design-Build process similar to our own development properties that end up as move-in ready designer homes.

We begin the design process with the space planning for the home including additions, pool and any other adjacent structures or property improvements. Without a doubt this one of the most critical factors determining success or failure in creating your dream home.

You see the problem is that the average person dives into the build or renovation process trusting one of two people: an architect or a contractor. Both these people are important players in the process, but the problem is neither of them is the right person to rely on to deliver the end result you want. Most architects live somewhere between Oz and Neverland when it comes to practicality or design impact on budget. Contractors on the other hand are not designers, they make choices based on function (which may not be what is best for design) and they love these little things called “change orders.”

The most important difference with our process of the Turn-Key Dream Home is that neither the architect or general contractor makes decisions with an investors mindset. As developers responsible for delivering investment returns, the Restore 818 team approaches each Turn-Key Dream Home within an investment framework. This ensures you not only end up with the home you want, but a wise investment as well.

Only upon final approval of the space plans and overall design is it handed off to our architect to create the detailed set of plans required to get the project permitted and built.


Once the architectural plans are finalized we begin the bid phase. We bring in our GC, explain the goals of the project and have them develop a bid for the work. Similar to our own investment projects, we oversee the entire construction process from inspections at acquisition to handing over the keys to you at completion.

When construction begins we handle the project management headaches for you and keep you up to date no matter where you are in the world with our online project management system.

The Hand-off:

If you’ve taken our advise as we moved along though the entire process you’ll have a fully rebuilt and modernized home. Just like our own Designer Renovated and Designer Rebuilt homes we have for sale; your dream home will be stunning. And you also can rest assured that all electric, plumbing, HVAC along with all the other hidden critical systems in your home have been replaced or rebuilt to current building codes for years of carefree living. This means you end up with a newly rebuilt designer home at a substantial cost savings over what it would take to build new from the ground-up or manage your own renovation project.

If you’d like your South Florida dream home to be a true turn-key experience, give us a call at 786.217.6733 or email us to schedule an initial phone meeting and see if the ‘Turn-Key Dream Home’ program is right for you.